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Recovery of waste streams from agroindustry through industrial symbiosis in Sicilia

TitoloRecovery of waste streams from agroindustry through industrial symbiosis in Sicilia
Tipo di pubblicazioneAtti di Congresso
Anno di Pubblicazione2015
AutoriCutaia, Laura, La Monica Marco, Scagliarino S., Barberio Grazia, Sbaffoni Silvia, Luciano Antonella, and Mancuso Erika
Conference NameLCA for feeding the planet and energy for life, International conference on Life Cycle Assessment as reference methodology for assessing supply chains and supporting global sustainability challenges
Conference LocationStresa
ISBN Number978-88-8286-321-0
Parole chiaveAgro-industry, bioeconomy, Circular economy, Industrial ecology, Industrial symbiosis

Industrial Symbiosis can be considered as a strategy for sharing and valorising resources  including materials, energy, water, assets, expertise, logistics, capacity, equipments) between companies, so that a non-product produced by an industry can be used as an input by someone else (synergy). ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) in 2011 started the project “Ecoinnovation Sicily” for the development of the first Italian Industrial Symbiosis Platform (Platform) to be implemented in Sicilia Region (among many other issues). The Platform addressed, in particularly, to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other local stakeholders, offers many other tools, beyond the industrial symbiosis, useful for supporting industries for the eco-innovation. This paper explains the methodology for the identification of potential synergies and the pathways for their actual implementation, with the specific focus on streams coming from agroindustry.

Citation Keyl2015recovery