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Laboratory Resources valorization

In industrialized countries, the resources are used with a very low efficiency and the pollution associated with emissions throughout the entire life cycle of products is still too high. The key issue is to promote and support the sustainable management of resources and territory, as well as the sustainability and competitiveness of the productive system.


On these issues, the Laboratory has many years of experience that provides to the PA and Enterprise, through the development, qualification and dissemination of methodologies and advanced technical services in the field of industrial, service and the territory.


The laboratory is responsible for:

  • circular economy,  closing cycles and resource efficiency;
  • industrial ecology and symbiosis;
  • environmental assessments of products, services, systems, also through the Life Cycle Assessment approach;
  • sustainable industrial area;
  • environmental certification schemes;
  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulation;
  • Green Public Procurement (GPP); 
  • standardization through International Standards Organization (ISO) and Italian National Unification  (UNI);



Status: Completed