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Industrial Symbiosis Network in Umbria, Italy

TitleIndustrial Symbiosis Network in Umbria, Italy
Publication TypeAtti di Congresso
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsCutaia, Laura, Boncio E., Barberio Grazia, Beltrani Tiziana, La Monica Marco, Mancuso Erika, Massoli A., Sbaffoni Silvia, and Paoni S.
Conference NameFirst SUN Conference, October 25th 2017
Date Published2017
Conference LocationRoma
ISBN Number978-88-8286-358-6
KeywordsCircular economy, Industrial ecology, Industrial symbiosis

This paper reports the activity developed by Sviluppumbria (Multi-functional Agency of the Umbria Regional Authority) and ENEA (Italian Agency for New technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) in the framework of the project to support SME’s to individuate symbiosis opportunities at regional level. The project for an Industrial Symbiosis (IS) network in Umbria is currently in progress and at this stage includes: analysis of the productive sector in Umbria; local network activation with public and private actors; and collection and processing data. Two workshops have been held in Terni and Assisi, where more than 50 SME participated, sharing 200 resources in output and about 80 resources in input. More than 200 potential matches were found among the participating companies which will be processed by ENEA. The resource streams and synergies will be studied to realise technical dossiers

Citation Keyl2017industrial