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Blockchain technology to drive industrial symbiosis within circular supply chain management

TitleBlockchain technology to drive industrial symbiosis within circular supply chain management
Publication TypeAtti di Congresso
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsVentura, Valentina, La Monica Marco, Bortolini Marco, Cutaia Laura, and Mora Cristina
Conference NameSymbiosis Users Network - SUN Proceedings of the fifth SUN Conference - October 27th 2021. ENEA
Date Published2022
Conference LocationRimini
ISBN Number978-88-8286-428-6
KeywordsIndustrial symbiosis; blockchain; circular supply chain; sustainable economy; waste valorization

Over the past few years, digital technologies created new opportunities to tackle sustainability challenges. The strategic management of supply chains is essential to close the loop among production, consumption, and waste valorization echelons. This requires a strong correlation, integration, and collaboration among the involved entities. Blockchain technology could have the potential to spread Circular Economy (CE) principles within green supply chain, allowing to track tangible and intangible assets within a peer-to-peer network. In particular, this working paper explores whether a blockchain platform can be implemented in an Industrial Symbiosis (IS) context. A methodological framework is presented including all the synergies that blockchain technology can boost for a consistent data flow along the supply chain. Preliminary discussions from the field are proposed, also, together with existing constraints and a roadmap for future steps.

Citation Keyventura2022blockchain