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Development and calibration of a mathematical model for the simulation of the biofiltration process

TitoloDevelopment and calibration of a mathematical model for the simulation of the biofiltration process
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2002
AutoriViotti, P., Eramo B., Boni M.R., Carucci A., Leccese M., and Sbaffoni Silvia
RivistaAdvances in Environmental Research
Parole chiaveactivated sludge, Activated sludge process, Ammonia, article, biofilm, Biofilms, Biofilters, Biofiltration, Biomass, Calibration, Computer simulation, controlled study, filter, filtration, mathematical model, Mathematical models, Nitrogen, prediction, priority journal, Sensitivity analysis, simulation, Structural design, waste water management, waste water treatment plant, Wastewater treatment

Biofiltration is gradually gaining popularity among biological wastewater treatment processes, becoming a valid alternative to the more widespread activated sludge system. In order to understand better the operating conditions that influence the efficiency of such a process, a mathematical model has been developed. It allows the calculation of the COD and N-NH4 + profiles along the filter height and inside the biofilm and simulates filter clogging due to the 4 biomass growth. The model output has been verified through a series of sensitivity tests and its results have been calibrated considering the results of an experimental campaign conducted on the Biostyr® biofiltration unit of the Rome southern municipal wastewater treatment plant. Such a model can be used to understand better the influence of variation of the operating conditions on the efficiency of the biofiltration process, furthermore representing a valid predictive tool for the management of existing wastewater treatment plants and for the design of new ones. © 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.


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