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Pharmaceuticals in the environment [L'inquinamento ambientale da farmaci.]

TitoloPharmaceuticals in the environment [L'inquinamento ambientale da farmaci.]
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2004
AutoriG. De Martiis, Bellante, Bellante L., Chiavola A., D'Aprile L., and Sbaffoni Silvia
RivistaAnnali di igiene : medicina preventiva e di comunità
Parole chiavearticle, Drug, Environmental Pollution, metabolism, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Pollution, soil pollutant, Soil Pollutants, waste management, Water pollution

Drugs and their metabolites, once reached and spread over the soil and the aquatic environment, then exert their action on the living organisms belonging to such ecosystems. The present work provides a brief view on the main scientific experiences regarding the problem of the presence of drugs and/or their residues in the environment and of the related effects on the biokenosis and the human community.


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Citation KeyBellanteDeMartiis2004291