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Pretreated waste landfilling: Relation between leachate characteristics and mechanical behaviour

TitoloPretreated waste landfilling: Relation between leachate characteristics and mechanical behaviour
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2006
AutoriBoni, M.R., Chiavola A., and Sbaffoni Silvia
RivistaWaste Management
Parole chiavearticle, Behavior, Biochemical oxygen demand, Biochemical parameters, Biodegradation, Chemical, Chemical analysis, correlation function, Hydrogen-Ion Concentration, incineration, Land fill, landfill, leachate, leaching, mechanical property, Municipal solid waste, Municipal solid waste (MSW), Municipal solid waste organic fraction (MSWOF), Oxygen, pH, pH effects, priority journal, Refuse Disposal, Solid electrolytes, stabilization, Time Factors, waste, Waste disposal, Waste incineration, Waste landfilling, waste management, Waste Products, Waste treatment, Water Pollutants

The present paper presents a part of a wider research effort aiming at studying the long-term behaviour of different pre-treated wastes once landfilled; in particular, this paper deals with the analysis of settlements and their correlation with the main leachate biochemical parameters (BOD, COD and pH). The municipal solid waste organic fraction (MSWOF) and bottom ash (BA) from incineration of municipal solid waste (MSW) were considered in the study and used to set up different semi-pilot landfill plants. Particularly, the FT plant contained 90 days aerobically biostabilized MSWOF, the FP plant was filled with 15 days aerobically biostabilized MSWOF and the MX plant with a 30-70% (by weight) mixture of BA and the same MSWOF used in the FP plant. The data obtained showed a faster mechanical and biological stabilization of the FT and MX plants, due to the less biodegradable organic fraction content initially present in the FT plant and to the presence of BA, having a stabilizing effect, in the MX plant. Besides, similar behaviour of FT and MX was observed, and also a strong correlation between the settlement and the biochemical parameters time profiles was identified. © 2006 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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