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Assessment of the effectiveness of a novel BioFilm-Membrane BioReactor oil-polluted wastewater treatment technology by applying biomarkers in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis, Caliani, I., De Marco G., Cappello T., Giannetto A., Mancini G., Ancora S., Maisano M., Parrino V., Cappello S., Bianchi N., et al. , Aquatic Toxicology, Volume 243, (2022)
Critical issues hindering a widespread construction and demolition waste (CDW) recycling practice in EU countries and actions to undertake: The stakeholder's perspective, Luciano, Antonella, Cutaia Laura, Altamura P., and Penalvo E. , Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Volume 29, (2022)
Exploring the Potential for Steel Slags Valorisation in an Industrial Symbiosis Perspective at Meso-scale Level, Piemonti, A., Conforti A., Cominoli L., Luciano Antonella, Plizzari G., and Sorlini S. , Waste and Biomass Valorization, (2022)
FCC spent catalyst as an alternative reagent in Mo-contaminated hazardous waste enhanced stabilization, Mancini, G., Palmeri F., Benina G., Cacciola S., Luciano Antonella, and Fino D. , Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, Jan-09-2022, Volume 28, p.100733, (2022)
Modelli ed esperienze di simbiosi industriali in Italia, Cutaia, Laura, Beltrani Tiziana, Giammartini M., La Monica Marco, and Luciano Antonella , Rapporto sull'economia circolare 2022, p.105–112, (2022)
A two-year stakeholders' consultation on the construction and infrastructure value chains. Output Paper of the activities coordinated by ENEA in 2020-2021, Cutaia, Laura, Altamura Paola, Ceruti Francesca, Cellurale Marilisa, Corrado S., De Marco Emanuela, Luciano Antonella, Klein Anna, Carollo Federica, Kisser Johannes, et al. , (2022)
An empirical model for the evaluation of the dissolution rate from a DNAPL-contaminated area, Luciano, Antonella, Mancini G., Torretta V., and Viotti P. , Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 25, Number 34, p.33992-34004, (2018)