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Graphene oxide-based flexible sensors for detection of volatile organic compounds at room temperature, Laera, Anna Maria, Cassano Gennaro, Burresi Emiliano, Protopapa Maria Lucia, and Penza Michele , Eurosensors XXXIV, 09/2023, Lecce (Italy), 10-13 September 2023, (2023)
Gut-brain axis: does intestinal inflammation affect hippocampal neurogenesis and medulloblastoma development?, Casciati, Arianna, Mancuso Mariateresa, Vitali Roberta, and Pazzaglia Simonetta , Neural Regeneration Research, Volume 18, Number 11, p.2381-2382, (2023)
Hemplime Blocks: Innovative Solution for Green Buildings in Italy, Moletti, Chiara, Aversa Patrizia, Daniotti Bruno, Dotelli Giovanni, Luprano Vincenza A. M., Marzo Anna, Sabbadini Sergio, and Tripepi Concetta , Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, Volume 336 SIST, p.218 – 227, (2023)
High filler content acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene composites containing tungsten and bismuth oxides for effective lead-free x-ray radiation shielding, Olivieri, Federico, Avolio Roberto, Gentile Gennaro, Mazzone Annamaria, Rizzi Rosanna, Nacucchi Michele, Castaldo Rachele, Errico Maria Emanuela, Giannini Cinzia, Ambrosio Luigi, et al. , Polymer Composites, (2023)
History of Mediterranean Aerosol Observations, Dulac, François, Mihalopoulos Nikolaos, Kaskaoutis Dimitris G., Querol Xavier, Di Sarra Alcide, Masson Olivier, Pey Jorge, Sciare Jean, and Sicard Michael , Atmospheric Chemistry in the Mediterranean Region, Volume Volume 1 - Background Information and Pollutant Distribution, Cham, p.145 - 252, (2023)
Hybrid Bt cotton is failing in India: cautions for Africa, Gutierrez, Andrew Paul, Kenmore Peter E., and Ponti Luigi , Environmental Sciences Europe, Jan-12-2023, Volume 35, Issue 1, (2023)
Hygrothermal behaviour of hemp-lime walls: the effect of binder carbonation over time, Moletti, C., Aversa Patrizia, Losini A.E., Dotelli G., Woloszyn M., and Luprano Vincenza A. M. , Building and Environment, Jan-04-2023, Volume 233, p.110129, (2023)
Identification of Marine Biotechnology Value Chains with High Potential in the Northern Mediterranean Region, Rotter, A., Giannakourou A., García J.E. Argente, Quero G.M., Auregan C., Triantaphyllidis G., Venetsanopoulou A., De Carolis R., Efstratiou C., Aboal M., et al. , Marine Drugs, Volume 21, Number 7, (2023)
Immunoglobuline G Fuse Biotecnologicamente all'Enzima Perossidasi, Capodicasa, Cristina, and Catellani Marcello , 28/08/2023, Number 102023000016701, Italia, (2023)
Impact of microbial consortia on organic maize in a temperate climate varies with environment but not with fertilization, Hett, J., Döring T.F., Bevivino Annamaria, and Neuhoff D. , European Journal of Agronomy, Volume 144, (2023)
Implementation and evaluation of updated photolysis rates in the EMEP MSC-W chemistry-transport model using Cloud-J v7.3e, Van Caspel, W.E., Simpson D., Jonson J.E., Benedictow A.M.K., Ge Y., Di Sarra Alcide, Pace Giandomenico, Vieno M., Walker H.L., and Heal M.R. , Geoscientific Model Development, Volume 16, Number 24, p.7433-7459, (2023)
Improving the performances of supported NiCo catalyst for reforming of methane powered by magnetic induction, V. Dotsenko, Poletto, Bellusci M., Masi A., Pietrogiacomi D., and Varsano F. , Catalysis Today, Volume 418, (2023)
Improving the temporal and spatial vegetation variability in land surface models based on satellite observations, van Oorschot, Fransje, van der Ent Ruud, Hrachowitz Markus, di Carlo Emanuele, Catalano Franco, Bousetta Souhail, Balsamo Gianpaolo, and Alessandri Andrea , EGU General Assembly, (2023)
In Situ VTOL Drone-Borne Observations of Temperature and Relative Humidity over Dome C, Antarctica, Ricaud, Philippe, Medina Patrice, Durand Pierre, Attié Jean-Luc, Bazile Eric, Grigioni P., Del Guasta Massimo, and Pauly Benji , Drones, Volume 7, Number 8, (2023)
In Vitro Imaging and Molecular Characterization of Ca2+ Flux Modulation by Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Fields, Camera, Francesca, Colantoni Eleonora, Garcia-Sanchez Tomas, Benassi Barbara, Consales Claudia, Muscat Adeline, Vallet Leslie, Mir Luis M., Andre Franck, and Merla Caterina , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, Number 21, (2023)
In Vivo Radiobiological Investigations with the TOP-IMPLART Proton Beam on a Medulloblastoma Mouse Model, Giovannini, Daniela, De Angelis C., Astorino M.D., Fratini Emiliano, Cisbani E., Bazzano G., Ampollini A., Piccinini M., Nichelatti E., Trinca E., et al. , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, Number 9, (2023)
In Vivo Studies on Radiofrequency (100 kHz–300 GHz) Electromagnetic Field Exposure and Cancer: A Systematic Review, Pinto, Rosanna, Ardoino L., Villani Paola, and Marino Carmela , International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Volume 20, Number 3, (2023)
Indoor Radon Research in the Asia-Pacific Region, Janik, Miroslaw, Bossew Peter, Hasan Md. Mahamudul, and Cinelli Giorgia , Atmosphere, Volume 14, Number 6, (2023)
Inflammation, Mitochondria and Natural Compounds Together in the Circle of Trust, Nesci, Salvatore, Spagnoletta Anna, and Oppedisano Francesca , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Jan-04-2023, Volume 24, Issue 7, Number 7, p.6106, (2023)
Influence of Vanadium Micro-Alloying on the Microstructure of Structural High Strength Steels Welded Joints, Stornelli, G., Tselikova A., Mirabile Gattia Daniele, Mortello M., Schmidt R., Sgambetterra M., Testani C., Zucca G., and Di Schino A. , Materials, Volume 16, Number 7, (2023)
An innovative spinning process for production and characterisation of ring-spun hybrid yarns from recycled carbon fibre, Colombo, B., Gaiardelli P., Dotti S., and Caretto Flavio , Journal of Cleaner Production, Volume 406, (2023)
An insight on possible toxicity mechanism of fibrous erionite, Di Carlo, Maria Cristina, Ballirano Paolo, Montereali Maria Rita, Caprioli Raffaela, Nardi Elisa, and Pacella A. , Periodico di Mineralogia, Volume 92, Number 2, p.191 – 201, (2023)
Integrative analysis of metabolome and transcriptome profiles to highlight aroma determinants in Aglianico and Falanghina grape berries, Villano, C., Demurtas Olivia Costantina, Esposito S., Granell A., Rambla J.L., Piombino P., Frusciante L., Carputo D., Diretto Gianfranco, and Aversano R. , BMC Plant Biology, Volume 23, Number 1, (2023)
Interannual land cover and vegetation variability based on remote sensing data in the HTESSEL land surface model: implementation and effects on simulated water dynamics, van Oorschot, Fransje, van der Ent Ruud J., Hrachowitz Markus, di Carlo Emanuele, Catalano Franco, Boussetta S., Balsamo Gianpaolo, and Alessandri Andrea , Earth System Dynamics, Nov-29-2023, Volume 14, Issue 6, Number 6, p.1239 - 1259, (2023)
International collaboration in climate technology innovation: the Italian experience in Mission Innovation, Capra, M., and La Motta Sergio , Sustainability Science, (2023)