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Materiali di riporto rinvenuti nei siti in bonifica: le linee guida SNPA , Cappucci, Sergio, and Peres Federico , Ambiente24, (2023)
Meteorological Approach in the Identification of Local and Remote Potential Sources of Radon: An Example in Northern Iberian Peninsula, Hernández-Ceballos, M.Ás., Alegría N., Peñalva I., Muñoz J.M., De la Torre A., Legarda F., and Cinelli Giorgia , International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Volume 20, Number 2, (2023)
Methodology for a preliminary assessment of water use sustainability in industries at sub-basin level, Sabia, Gianpaolo, Mattioli D., Langone M., and Petta Luigi , Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 343, (2023)
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Microplastic Toxicity and Trophic Transfer in Freshwater Organisms: Ecotoxicological and Genotoxic Assessment in Spirodela polyrhiza (L.) Schleid. and Echinogammarus veneris (Heller, 1865) Treated with Polyethylene Microparticles, Iannilli, Valentina, Passatore Laura, Carloni Serena, Lecce F., Sciacca Giulia, Zacchini Massimo, and Pietrini Fabrizio , Water, Jan-03-2023, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.921, (2023)
Monitoring climate related risk and opportunities for the wine sector: The MED-GOLD pilot service, Dell'Aquila, Alessandro , Climate Services, 04/2023, Volume 30, (2023)
Nanoparticle-Imprinted Silica Gel for the Size-Selective Capture of Silver Ultrafine Nanoparticles from Water, Pallavicini, P., Preti L., Protopapa Maria Lucia, Carbone Daniela, Fernandez Y.A. Diaz, Milanese C., Taglietti A., and Doveri L. , Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), Volume 28, Number 10, (2023)
A Novel Bias Correction Method for Extreme Events, Trentini, L., Dal Gesso S., Venturini M., Guerrini F., Calmanti Sandro, and Petitta Marcello , Climate, Volume 11, Number 1, (2023)
Object-based classification of urban plant species from very high-resolution satellite imagery, Sicard, P., Coulibaly F., Lameiro M., Araminienė V., De Marco Alessandra, Sorrentino B., Anav A., Manzini J., Hoshika Y., Moura B.B., et al. , Urban Forestry and Urban Greening, Volume 81, (2023)
Optical characterization of the impact of 100 keV protons on the optical properties of ZrO2 films prepared by ALD on fused silica substrates, Sytchkova, A., Protopapa Maria Lucia, Olivero P., Tapfer L., Burresi Emiliano, Dunatov T., Siketić Z., Palmisano Martino, Pesce Emanuela, Wang Y., et al. , Applied Optics, Volume 62, Number 7, p.B182-B187, (2023)
On the optimization of grand multi-model probabilistic performance and the independence of the contributing seasonal prediction systems, Alessandri, Andrea, Catalano Franco, Nielsen Kristian, and Troccoli Alberto , EGU General Assembly, (2023)
PARP1 Activation Induces HMGB1 Secretion Promoting Intestinal Inflammation in Mice and Human Intestinal Organoids, Vitali, Roberta, Mancuso A.B., Palone Francesca, Pioli Claudio, Cesi Vincenzo, Negroni Anna, Cucchiara S., Oliva S., Carissimi C., Laudadio I., et al. , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, Number 8, (2023)
Peptide-Functionalized and Drug-Loaded Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus Nanoparticles Counteract Tumor Growth in a Mouse Model of Shh-Dependent Medulloblastoma, Marchetti, L., Novelli Flavia, Tanno Barbara, Leonardi Simona, Hizam V.M., Arcangeli Caterina, Santi L., Baschieri Selene, Lico Chiara, and Mancuso Mariateresa , International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Volume 24, Number 10, (2023)
Phenotypic Correlation between Guard Hair and Down Hair in Chinese Alashan Left Banner White Cashmere Goat: A Preliminary Study, Pallotti, Stefano, Pediconi Dario, Valbonesi Alessandro, Renieri Carlo, Haizhou Sun, Junwen Zhou, and Antonini Marco , Animals, Jan-04-2023, Volume 13, Issue 8, p.1295, (2023)
Plant molecular farming in the wake of the closure of Medicago Inc, Benvenuto, Eugenio, Broer I., D’Aoust M.-A., Hitzeroth I., Hundleby P., Menassa R., Oksman-Caldentey K.-M., Peyret H., Salgueiro S., Saxena P., et al. , Nature Biotechnology, (2023)
The potential impact of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs) from terrestrial vegetation on a Mediterranean area using two different emission models, Ciccioli, P., Silibello C., Finardi S., Pepe N., Ciccioli P., Rapparini F., Neri L., Fares S., Brilli F., Mircea Mihaela, et al. , Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Volume 328, (2023)
Preface to State-of-the-Art in Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring through Low-Cost Technologies, Suriano, Domenico , Atmosphere, Volume 14, Number 3, (2023)
Proton Bragg peak imaging by colour centre radiophotoluminescence in lithium fluoride thin film radiation detectors on silicon, Montereali, Maria Rita, Nichelatti E., Nigro V., Picardi L., Piccinini M., Ampollini A., Libera S., Ronsivalle C., and Vincenti M.A. , Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Volume 34, Number 5, (2023)
Radiotherapy, PARP Inhibition, and Immune-Checkpoint Blockade: A Triad to Overcome the Double-Edged Effects of Each Single Player, Rosado, Maria Manuela, and Pioli Claudio , Cancers, Volume 15, Number 4, (2023)
Roadmap on thermoelectricity, Artini, C., Pennelli G., Graziosi P., Li Z., Neophytou N., Melis C., Colombo L., Isotta E., Lohani K., Scardi P., et al. , Nanotechnology, Volume 34, Number 29, (2023)
On the role of sustainable buildings in achieving the 2030 UN sustainable development goals, Scrucca, Flavio, Ingrao C., Barberio Grazia, Matarazzo A., and Lagioia G. , Environmental Impact Assessment Review, Volume 100, (2023)
The role of the informal sector on e-waste management: a case study from Brazil, Castro, F.D., Xavier B.G., Cutaia Laura, Vaccari M., and Bassin J.P. , Waste Management and Resource Recycling in the Developing World, p.327-361, (2023)
Safety in Rats of a Novel Nasal Spray Formulation for the Prevention of Airborne Viral Infections, Tanori, Mirella, Pitaro M., Fratini Emiliano, Colantoni E., Amoresano A., Celentano S., Chiaramonte B., and Mancuso Mariateresa , Pharmaceutics, Volume 15, Number 2, (2023)
A shallow-water dunefield in a microtidal, wind-dominated strait (Stintino, NW Sardinia, Italy), Andreucci, S., Santonastaso A., De Luca M., Cappucci Sergio, Cucco A., Quattrocchi G., and Pascucci V. , Geological Society Special Publication, Volume 523, Number 1, p.173-194, (2023)
Solid–Electrolyte Interface Formation on Si Nanowires in Li-Ion Batteries: The Impact of Electrolyte Additives, Sarra, A., Brutti S., Palumbo O., Capitani F., Borondics F., Appetecchi Giovanni Battista, Carboni N., S. Ahad Abdul, Geaney H., Ryan K., et al. , Batteries, Volume 9, Number 3, (2023)