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Analysis of Landsat 5 TM images for monitoring the state of restoration of abandoned quarries

TitoloAnalysis of Landsat 5 TM images for monitoring the state of restoration of abandoned quarries
Tipo di pubblicazioneArticolo su Rivista peer-reviewed
Anno di Pubblicazione2004
AutoriCutaia, Laura, Massacci P., and Roselli Ivan
RivistaInternational Journal of Surface Mining, Reclamation and Environment
Parole chiaveabandoned mine, Data reduction, Digital topographic models, Ecosystems, geographic information systems, Image analysis, irradiation, Landsat thematic mapper, Quarries, quarry, Radiometers, Reclamation, remediation, Remote sensing, Restoration, satellite imagery, Satellite images, Satellite observatories

Quarrying causes high damage to the ecosystems, consequently abandoned sites monitoring is a very important issue. This study describes a methodology to assess the sites' state of restoration through the analysis of Landsat 5 TM images. The procedure does not require any radiometric corrections for atmospheric effects nor for irradiance effects related to the relief. Such corrections would require a model for the atmosphere at the time the images were taken and a detailed digital topographic model (DEM). In addition, the use of a GIS allowed a direct model calibration from satellite images without any previous field inventory and measurements. The results from the proposed procedure have been compared to in-situ surveyed data. © Taylor and Francis Ltd.


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