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Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis: A Survey in Ecomondo 2014

TitoloCircular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis: A Survey in Ecomondo 2014
Tipo di pubblicazioneAtti di Congresso
Anno di Pubblicazione2014
AutoriLa Monica, Marco, Cutaia Laura, and Franco S.
Conference NameSymbiosis Users Network - Experiences of Industrial Symbiosis in Italy, Proceedings of conferences promoted by ENEA at Ecomondo in 2012, 2013 and 2014, 2015
Data di pubblicazione2015
Conference LocationRimini
Parole chiaveCircular economy, Industrial ecology, Industrial symbiosis

During the 18th Ecomondo International Fair in Rimini, ENEA and University of Tuscia took the opportunity to submit to visitors a survey with two different types of questionnaires on industrial symbiosis. As the industrial symbiosis and the circular economy are topics of today’s interest and importance and ENEA itself is implementing projects on these topics, the survey had a double purpose:  assess, through a basic questionnaire, the level of awareness on industrial symbiosis and circular economy of people visiting Ecomondo (questionnaire proposed by ENEA stand); - assess, through a more complex questionnaire proposed to participant to the conference “The industrial symbiosis between theory and practice”; aim of this more complex questionnaire was ask participants their opinion on main issues influencing the possibility to realize actual synergies between companies according to industrial symbiosis strategy.

Citation Keymonica2015circular