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Progetto EcoADD

Sustainable Additives for Paints & Coatings and concrete

Tipo di Finanziamento: 
Programmi dell'Unione Europea
Programma UE: 
Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (2007-2013)
da 1 Settembre 2013 a 31 Agosto 2015
Ruolo ENEA: 
Responsabile di Progetto: 
Laura Cutaia

EcoADD addresses the Greening Business Priority of the Eco Innovation Action Plan in being the first application of a unique bio-based material - Curran(r). This material is a green sustainable additive offering distinct advantages when substituted for competing products in terms of environmental impact (through the use of up to 5 less chemicals during manufacture) compared to the main competitors which are cellulose ethers and with improved performance characteristics. EcoADD also substitutes at a further level in the greening of the production process by increasing the use of secondary raw materials through CelluComp's patented bioprocess utilising waste streams. Curran(r) can be used as a multi-functional additive which acts as a strengthener and rheology modifier in water based systems which include paints & coatings, concrete and drilling fluids, cosmetics, household products and also as a primary component for the manufacture of bio-composites. EcoADD will prove the replication of the process in building the first commercial plant thereby overcoming the main barrier to entering the markets by supplying sufficient volumes for market entry of the product into EU paints&coatings